Wednesday, 22 July 2009

5 down 1 to go!


Hope everyone's ok and enjoying the teeny tiny glimces of sunshine we're getting- bring back the summer!

Am currently connected up to my penultimate condom of 5 FU ( a wooohooooo!) :D This lot of chemo seems to have been a lot easier then its predecessors. I think it's partly due to knowing i've only got one lot of big chemo left in 2 weeks, and partly cos they've reduced the dose of oxalliplatin cos my weight dropped below that threshold. In hindsight mum and I are wondering if i was a bit toxic on the last dose i.e. it was a little too poisonous! Was getting all of these crazy muscle cramps making it hard to walk and stuff and literally slept for about 3 days. Any which way am much happier with this dose!

Oooooh i was also gonna say, the rash i was supposed to get on my face has gone mental-but nowhere near my face and all down my legs and tummy! I've never been any good at geography or directions so reckon its just got a bit lost...still, it's pretty gross so much better where it is! Completely mystified the docs and nurses tho who have 'never seen anything like it'. Maybe they've just never seen the drugs work so well *fingers crossed* ;)

Will hopefully be talking to dr. cool next week about what happens next. First step i shall imagine will be scans, first a CT then a PET if needs be. Haven't had any since before starting chemo, so will be interesting/nail-biting to find out what it's all been up to whilst circulating my body... Then we go from there.

Ideally we'd love to go on a wee jaunt to italy post chemo-pre next set of stuff, but it's dependant on about a 100 things. We shall see! Would be lovely to get some sun and rather fancy a nice new nautical bikini :D

Got lots of other things to look forward to atm, Penny, Naomi an Chris are coming all the way from Edinburgh for the weekend, got some BJstyle company for baby chemo on tues and Chaz is back from New York for a couple of weeks soon so potential Lockerbie reunion on the cards-VERY EXCITING! Just gotta figure out how to successfully transport self to Lockerbie..should keep me out of mischief...

Thank you so much for the continued support-means so much to me xxx