Wednesday, 21 October 2009

quick update...

...can wait for one for months and along come two! scan results yesterday not ideal. CT showed both liver and lungs a little worse, which apparently to be expected after the chemo break. silver lining, apparently the liver tumors seem a little 'flatter', which may indicate the new chemo has started to work.

MRI has explained spazzy pirate eye. got a new tumor on back of skull (BONE NOT BRAIN)-the occipital bone to be pinickity. this is pressing on the occipital lobe which is responsible for lots of visual processing hence the problem. so having a 5 day course of radiotherapy on back of head, the first of which just had. was SO much more stress free than all treatment so far, the staff were lovely and all it involved was lots of drawing in red pen on the back of my head (did make mum check they weren't just drawing rude pics) and then firing complately painless lasers at me more 5 minutes. can cope with 4 more days of that.

apparently will lose the laser fried patch of hair pretty quickly so it might either be time for the big shave (have already reduced to boy short hair) or investigating to see if they do a sparkly range of jewish style skull caps...

still getting my head round all this obviously. little things like the fact that dr cool said if it wasn't causing any side effects he'd be happy to leave it to chemo to deal with are reassuring. i just wish the bloody thing would stop spreading and stay in the one place! i know i'm a woman and sposed to be able to multitask and all, but still-there are limits lol! prob gonna have a full bone scan in the near future- a previous mri showed up a little sth further down my spine that may or not be relevant. the good thing is the chemo (as long as this cocktail behaves itself!) should be whizzing up and down the body as a type, mopping up all evil cells WHEREVER they may be whether or not we currently know about them.

big hugs xxx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

ooops it's been a long time!


so sorry it's been months and months since an update :s when i last wrote i was about to embark on a month long 'break' between chemos. think in that time definitely managed to redefine break! if it wasn't one smallest of the small print side effect it was another-spent half the time in hospital doh... both acute tummy pain and severe headaches resulted in more scans. thank god ct scan of the brain was clear (no panic surrounding that one at all!). tummy scan showed an ileus (spelling?!), which as i understand it is a distention of the gut. hardly surprising considering the battering it's had from chemo. anyway, eventually after all of the comings and goings into hosp we decided to just get on with the next lot of chemo!

now had 2 lots of the new cocktail- next lot on tues. side effects still include the fun toilet time but a lot less pain in general-think (touch wood!) we've got it under control with these patches that resemble nicotine patches. they're a good look ;) also very tingly and everything feels really soft, which is actually quite nice! nose bleeds also a new addition-always a bit of a surprise but not really a problem. now i've said that i'm going to ruin something really expensive and cream aren't i...

last, and possibly irrelevant, side effect is my left eye has gone all out of focus and fuzzy, causing me to accidently come on to all passers by or sit there with my hand over my eye. again-a good look. so had a brain MRI this week. also had a CT scan of chest,tummy and pelvis just to see where we're at-results on tues.

phewww enough cancer! sorry, feel like this has just been a list of weird and wonderful mishaps of the body... more exciting things include going to see Micheal McIntyre at Wembly who was brilliant! dad's also got us tickets to go see Russel Howard and Eddie Izzard in the next couple of months, which am really looking foward to. we took my really cute claire sized wheelchair to wembly and just made everything so much easier. all the staff are so much more helpful towards you! had some lovely visits and exciting packages-thank you SO MUCH for all your support, really does mean the world to me and make things so much easier :)

lots of love xxx