Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Oooh have just noticed can play with colours and things-how exciting! There's a very strong risk i could get carried away and make this impossible to read, shall try to curb the urge...

Have just said goodbye to my incredibly sweet but incredibly ditzy district nurse. I'm not entirely sure if she's just nervous or has been involved with wounds for too long, but the conversation everyday consists of her muttering dressing brand names at me and asking my opinion on which ones to use. I know nothing of dressing brand names. It gets very awkward...

On the up side tho she's off for a few days and wound seems to be healing a bit better :) It had been oozing quite a bit (clear rather than pusy) and found out yesterday a swab they did when i was in hospital showed some infection by coliform bacteria. If this took hold, would be very inconvenient as beggers are resistant to everything except IV antibiotics, which would mean going back into hosp boooooo.Thankfully tho, there don't seem to be any signs that they are winning so fingers crossed not going to be an issue.

Over last couple of days felt SO much better, both physically and mentally which is awesome :D Been lovely having big/little bro home for the weekend and feeling much better equipt to enjoy peoples company and attempt the multiple activities people have sent me to do! Adjusting to daily goals being a little different compared to pre-op- was oh so chuffed to make it round the garden 3 whole times yesterday and stand long enough to feed the fish, as well as eat an entire Mcchicken sandwich! Oooh also left house for first time since op to collect chris from station. Admittedly was in pjs and dressing gown, and from the looks received probably shouldn't have got out of the car, but most amusing...

Provisionally got an appointment with the oncologist who's going to be organising chemo on thursday, dependant on some scans making it to him on time. Know very little about it at the moment, just that it's going to be for 6 months twice a week, IV and in London. Other things that need to be considered before hand include a fertility consult, having some eggs harvested and frozen in case the chemo affects my fertility. Even tho it's another procedure, kinda like the idea of this one as it's very much looking to WHEN it's all over and the future :) Plus it's all very futuristic and sci-fi, my little eggs sitting on a shelf somewhere just waiting for me/sperm!

Thank-you soooo much to everyone for the continued support-still can't get over what wonderful friends i have, it's mental! xxx


  1. Are you going to start each entry with a different language and if so would you like some suggestions submitted?? :)

    Naomi :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know you have an avid reader (blame Ellie), and i am looking forward to all the steps you are gonna make to a full recovery. Have you got a man to go with those eggs?

  3. Hi Claire, great to see you blogging! Did you know that Lauren blogged see http://catofcuriosity.blogspot.com/

    love David