Thursday, 27 August 2009

A very eventful week


Hope things are good :) Been a bit of a mental week...

Went into hosp last thurs ( a week ago) to get scan results and unfortunately the chemo has done nada-the scan is practically identical to pre chemo. Dad did ask if there was any chance he was just looking at the wrong one but unfortunately not! Good news is it's not got any worse. On the original scan there were some small marks on my lung bases that we were rather hoping were just inflam or sth, but there still there, so looks like we have a wee bit of spread there, but they're no bigger than they were.

So plan is more chemo (ARG!!!) but with different agents. This time we're trying sth called avastin and another one with a very cool name. Something like rhinotecken. Anyways not going to worry about that for now as having a month off to rest and recoup and try and put some more weight on. As was looking very skinny and battered when went in for results they decided to keep me in for a few days to feed up and medicate up. Turns out my magnesium levels were low so had some infusions for that. Had some lovely visits and got out on tues.

Then over night on tues my hands decided to cramp up into crazy claws and wouldn't relax, so had to go back in first thing weds morning boo. Turns out the cetuximab had decided to also bind to some receptors on my kidneys, preventing magnesium from being absorbed so i just pee i all out, and the low Mg caused the cramps. So, multiple infusions later have been released this eve (thurs) in the hope that it won't happen again. We shall see!

Despite all of this, feeling good in myself (possibly slightly due to steroids!) and looking forward to the chemo break. Will lose my hair on the next lot, so have been planning out some fabulous wig, scarf, earring combinations! Have also managed to put on 5 kgs since last week :)

Lots of love xxx


  1. sorry to hear the chemo didn't do as much as you'd hoped, but it is v. good news there has been no growth, and it sounds like they have a better idea of how to tackle it, and get rid, in the next phase.

    I am becoming very familiar with all things Hannah Montana as my chemo buddy just loves her. Have started a wish list on Amazon, so i can send her a Hannah gift at the click of a mouse (when funds allow). It's hard not having any feedback from her as the parcels just seem to go off into the wilderness and i don't know if she finds the letters about my family and pets interesting or chucks them straight in the bin. But I fully understand that the whole point of Chemo Angels is not to add another burden to the patient and family, and having to respond to me would defeat the object of it.

    Take care and post again soon. Juliet x

  2. Claire
    We had House-Group here today and put your name on our prayer list and read it out, we did the same at G.I.F.T on Sunday and will continue to do so. I'm also encouraging our members to put you on their personal prayer lists.

    Love and prayers from us all

    Eileen, St Mary's Church, Eaton Bray