Saturday, 23 May 2009

Chemo part 1

Hey hey!

Sorry for delay in putting anything new up- been a bit of a busy/yet apatheticy sort of week but until steroid a clock tomorrow hopefully should be a lot more bouncy for a few hours! I'm so so so sorry for all the calls i should have returned and texts i should have sent, will endeavour to do better in the future (esp miss lalloo...)

So chemo part 1 yesterday!

Arrived at 9.30 to have portacath inserted by dr portacath (who was quite attractive- a very pleasant surprise!). The anaethatist (dude in charge of my sedation) also reminded me of Mark from ER, so that was quite exciting...Due to sedation however i missed the reasoning between themselves and the nurses that concluded coating me in bright orange iodine from my chin to the base of my left boob was completely necessary for an inch long incision on my collar bone. Am still half jaffa cake!

Chemo itself was a much more lengthy process than had expected, with multiple flushes of saline and glucose between everything. Despite first infusion taking place at mid day, didn't get onto the 'proper chemo' until about 8 in the evening and, despite being home now, is still going . How one might ask?! The answer lies in what resembles a clear baby themos containing a saline filled condom. Obviously. The pressure of the saline in the condom presses on a little tube inside it, containing the chemo, which gets pushed up thro a tube, entering directly into the jugular vein at a constant pressure. Tada! Genius...

Worst part so far has been the result of the steroids, which have been prescribed to prevent nausea etc i belive. Until about an hour ago hadn't been able to stay in one place or do one thing (even watch tv) for more than 5 minutes at a time. Doesn't sound nearly as horrendous as it was...just didn't know how to deal with it at all.

Think the time on this blog is all mixed up (its now sat eve). Going back in on monday to have the tube removed, as infusion should have finished by then, then back in on fri to have more monoclonal antibody.

More soon! lots of love :) xxx

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