Thursday, 28 May 2009

Freedom from the condom!

Eeeek as i type this the rest of the year are in their first end of term exam- scary scary times! For once am quite glad to be in bed rather than back at med school ;) SO hope it's going ok and there aren't any upside-down-back-to-front, let alone left field, questions... GOOD LUCK for tomorrow guys!

Have finally been disconnected from my first lot of chemo wooooo! That's a picture of the wee condom containing device i was rigged up to, and didn't look at all strange carrying round a garden centre chosing fish...

Minor setbacks with this included a clamp closing and the infusion stopping (doh) and then going back to the hosp yesterday to find it had closed cos of a powercut! Slightly worrying, apparently the generators hadn't kicked in and all the patients had been transferred somewhere else... Not ideal :s Initially looked like was going to have to go somewhere else to have it out, but thankfully upsteped the director of nursing who was doing a training day. She seemed very excited to do something hands on again (and reassure us she was fully trained!) and kindly freed me :D Such a nice feeling!

Back in tomorrow for more of the monoclonal antibody (don't expect anyone to follow this chemo malarky regime-am thoroughly confused myself!), which last time just made my fingers a little tingley so am optimistic about not feeling too rough :) Mum has also bought me pretty much every magazine tesco stocked yesterday, so intend of spending the 2 hours planning a new wardrobe...



  1. Hi, you don't know me but I stumbled upon your blog via Luke P's SA blog. Just wanted to say I've been really touched by how matter of fact and 'real' you're being about all this. I feel educated and honoured to be able to see some of your thoughts as you go through this character building experience. Hope you don't mind an extra follower. x

  2. Hi Claire, Lizzie's mum here! I'm thinking of you very often and I hope chemo 2 goes well. Your blog is amazing. (I just typed bog accidently. Some of these keys are sticking - too much biscuit eating at the keyboard I think!) love Catherine