Saturday, 27 June 2009

Chemo angels

Just stumbled accross the most beautiful concept called chemo angels. Basically people undergoing chemo can sign up and are asigned to an 'angel' who just sends them cheerful cards and occassional teeny gifts, just to bring a smile to their face! I've been SO lucky with all of the support i've received, and know how much post time can make a day, but i'm sure there are lots of people out there who aren't so fortunate. If anyone fancies it, here's the link (i've gone link crazy today!).

Just thought it was such a lovely lovely idea!



  1. loved the photos, your friends look like a great laugh. you have inspired me to sign up as a chemo angel, will let you know if they accept me. Take carexxx

  2. Aw ju-ju that's fantastic, good for you! I'm so chuffed, it just seems like such a simple but day shaking concept- so want to do it once i'm better :D do you keep a blog at all i can procrastinate at all with? xxx

  3. Yes, i am officially an angel in waiting. Laura who runs the chemo angels sounds wonderful, and in 3-6 weeks i will have a buddy. It is quite a commitment - at least one small parcel/ card a week for the duration of treatment, but i am at a time in my life where i have the space to do this. So grateful for you as i have been looking for something i can do as a volunteer, but fit in around the rest of my life. Cancer has been an unwelcome visitor in my family too, and i know how important it is to not feel as if the world has forgotten about you. I'll let you know more about how it works as i go, on here (if that's OK?). And no i don't have a blog, but i do write. currently writing a novel about a world where women take over (but really it's a love story). If you are really, really bored you can check it out here:

    only seven chapters up, but will post more if you like it.

    keep giving, julietx

  4. That is indeed such a fantastic idea. :) You have to be over 25, it seems, but I am totally going to bookmark it for later. Thanks Claire. Hope you're doing well. xxx